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King Of Fighter Wing 1.9 Free Download [Updated-2022]




**Chapter 6 Night Fighters** Night fighters are the latest chapter in the air-to-air and air-to-ground confrontation which began in the dawn of aviation. Night fighters are operated by the Soviet air forces and the People's Liberation Army Air Force since the first part of the 1980s. Western pilots have operated night fighters in training exercises since the last part of the 1960s. In this chapter, night fighters are described as a separate subsection of fighter aircraft. Night fighters are used for the purpose of defence of the combat airfields and squadrons. These defence elements have a strict orders to repel the potential air attacks on them by ground-based attacking aircraft and by enemy night fighters. Ground attack forces and enemy air defence units in certain conditions can achieve very high success rates in the attack of the defended area. To avoid such unsuccessful strikes, night fighters can be launched and used. In case of successful launch, the night fighters will strike the attack aircraft in any direction they wish. In case of enemy aircraft detection, the night fighters will usually be deployed along the border of the country where they are stationed and attack the attacking aircraft at any time, regardless of its side and direction. At any moment of the air battle, the night fighters can appear in the front and behind the attacking aircraft, approaching from any direction and under any conditions. In most cases, the attacking aircraft will notice them before they appear; in some cases, this will be of no importance. On the contrary, it is a good situation for the defending aircraft. In this case, the attacking aircraft will often not go through the detection procedure, as it can be costly for the aircraft to deploy its radar and it usually wastes its time and fuel on the attack. This may be the only chance the defending aircraft has to knock down the attacking aircraft. Also, the targets often have only a limited range, and the night fighters can be launched and operate in this range without any losses. Night fighters are not easy to shoot. In the simplest situation, the attacking aircraft has to detect the target. It can be difficult for the attacking aircraft to detect the night fighters. In case of a successful detection, the attacking aircraft should remain in the air to establish contact with



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King Of Fighter Wing 1.9 Free Download [Updated-2022]

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